Where Do You Put Your Smartphone When You Ride?


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Jul 7, 2015
If you are using a smartphone which is as big as a Samsung S4 where do you usually put it? Do you use a Bar Mount or maybe a goody box to include your ID and wallet? or would you use those velcro strap ons to hold it firmly on your arms?
I just upgraded to an iPhone 6 out of necessity, my 5 died on me. It's bigger than I would like it to be / some phones like some of the Samsungs really blur the lines between phone and tablet.

I've always mounted mine on the handlebar - so much easier to access than in an armband or pocket - and I still will with the new phone - but if it were much bigger I would probably reconsider due to wind resistance and go with an armband which I feel is the second best option.
I usually have mine in my pockets. All of the trousers and tracksuit bottoms I use for cycling have zip up pockets on them for the specific purpose of being able to carry my things around with me in my pockets without the fear of them falling out.

My most recent phone is a little bigger than my previous and is a bit more a tighter a fit in my pocket but it goes in there OK, and I can still have the earphone lead attached to it no problems so I'm happy.
I don't usually carry my phone with you when I go on longer trips. I tend to leave that to the others in my group. When I'm out there, I like to switch off from everything and be unreachable. As for going to work and around town on my bike, I simply put it into my backpack. I wouldn't want to have it on my body and think about all the radiation I am getting every time I get a text message or call.
I have a Smartphone which has 4,7 inches, it's not that big and often I manage to put it in my pocket.
Most of the time I just don't bring it with me. I've dropped my old phone numerous times and cracked the poor screen to hell and back, and I don't want to take any risks with my new iPhone. If I'm riding casually I never bring it with me, but if I'm riding to get somewhere then I'll just put it in my bag. Too likely to fall out if its in my pockets, because they don't close or zip up on any of my pants. Even if my pockets did close though, the iPhone is great & all but it is pretty big and it wouldn't fit in well enough. Women's clothing don't have very deep pockets most of the time, which sucks.

That fear of dropping it is the same reason I don't listen to music while riding; far too likely to lose my items and damage them, or in the case with music, to get headphone cords tangled up somewhere like in the wheels and cause an accident.
I don't carry my ID or wallet. I just clip it to my arm. I probably don't have to do that, but the giganticly long wire on my headphones makes me nervous and I can just clip it up on my arm next to my phone.
I was surprised to see some options and was glad really to know about them. I did not realize how simple it could be right? I guess everyone has his own reasons for bringing or not bringing a phone when cycling.
I unfortunately do not have a smart phone. I just have a basic phone because data is expensive. But I generally either leave it at home or in the car. If I have to take it with me I like clipping it to my bike or car.
I just put it in a clip on case and put it on my side. That way I can listen to tunes while I ride.
If I'm only riding locally or know that I won't be out for long, then I just usually leave the phone at home but on the longer rides I've got a bag that I can attach to the frame to keep personal items in and it normally goes in there.

There's sections for my keys, wallet and phone, so at least I know they're safe and secure and I'm not worrying about them falling out of a pocket or anything like that.
I don't bring the smartphone wit me. The pocket of my sport shorts are too narrow. But if I were to bring the phone with me, I would wear it as a collar and put it inside my shirt. Don't want to catch the attention of anyone.
Jacket pocket, in the inner layer. I don't have a pretty new phone, so it's not that big. I only use it for important occasions, so I really can't help it if I just ignore it the ride to my destination. If I get messages, I'll read them when I arrived at my destination, and if I get calls, I ignore them and call them back later. It's a pretty simple process, and I can't really complain or talk about any troubles I have had on the road.
I usually put my phone into my small backpack. It's the best solution for me. It's kind of inconvenient when the phone is in my pocket as riding requires a constant footwork.
I have a Smartphone which has 4,7 inches, it's not that big and often I manage to put it in my pocket.
I also believe that putting the smartphone in the pocket is the best idea. I also usually put the smartphone at the same place.
I just put it in a clip on case and put it on my side. That way I can listen to tunes while I ride.
I would not recommend you to listen to music while riding because it can distract your focus. It can be dangerous. You can definitely listen to the music with open speakers.

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