Where do you ride/train?


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Feb 22, 2002
Where do you train? Whats your favourite training destination?<br /><br />I live in North West England and like to go into North Wales, particularly Llangollen! No shortage of hills or rain!<br /><br />
Man, you live in a nice part of the world 2LAP!<br />I live in the Vaal (South Africa). My distant training rides take me to Parys and back (just under 100 k's). Nice ride, but sometimes a bit hairy as there is no road shoulder.<br /><br />
Looks a bit wet for a bike! Do you go swimming when you get there?
Never thought about that, you know. Maybe I should take my cozzie with next time. ;)
Live in Bermuda... and island 25 miles from tip to tip and with hardly any flat road.<br /><br />When I'm in Florida during the winter it's all turbotrainer in front of the TV.<br /><br />Cheers<br />Alex
Bermuda ... my great grandfather got sent there (not sure for how long) after he got captured in the rebellion of 1914 (this was in South Africa). <br /><br />I doubt that he did any cycling there ;D In fact, my dad still have some stuff carved out of wood that are from there.<br /><br />Do you have some pictures taken around the island?
2Lap - the North West is an awesome place to train - I was transferred there for 17 months by my company in SA. Lived in Cheshire (the big flat salt plain!) but did plenty of riding into the Peak Districts.<br /><br />My fave ride was Sandbach - Congleton - Buxton - Alderly Edge - Holmes Chapel - Sandbach. Some nasty hills out Buxton way.....