Where is a good place to buy chainrings or cheap crankset?


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Jan 5, 2006
I have Shimano triple 9-speed grouppo (bontrager race lite pipe crankset) and I need to replace two chainrings on the crankset. I'd be willing to buy a new crankset/bb combo if it's cheap enough (say around $90 total), otherwise just the chainrings.

Where's a good place to get these?

donrhummy said:
But how do you know it's for real and not a scam?

I've had great luck buying off eBay. Paypal gives you some good protection. Just last week I picked up a NIB Shimano 5500 crank with rings for $30.

Check out auctions here: http://stores.ebay.com/UsedBikeWarehouse

I have been dealing with these guys for years and know them personally (they are local to me here in VA). Their stuff is top quality and always very conservatively graded. No junk here whatsoever.

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