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Discussion in 'Women's Cycling' started by michele, Aug 12, 2003.

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    Aug 12, 2003
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    Hello all!

    Bit of a long storey, but I am from Vancouver and I am living in England. I have however had enough, and I am moving back to Vancouver, hoorah!

    My question is this, I am quite lucky to be living in a place in England where I can hop on my MTB and be off road after work and on the weekends fairly quickly, which is awesome! We do about 20miles on a ride, which includes good XC and some single track downhill as well. I quite like getting some miles in doing XC, I don’t like spending an hour climbing with only enough time for one downhill. When I was back in Van, I went riding in the North Shore, which is cool for downhill but not so great for XC. Is there anyone over there doing a bit more XC and could they recommend places to go that aren’t so downhill? Also any women groups that are organised, I would be really up for as well!