Where was this crazy fun hiding?

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Ozarkmtbr, Dec 23, 2003.

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    I have once again strayed away from the fold of alt.mtb. In this time I have discovered the
    wonderful punishing fun of singlespeed and now cyclocross racing. Where have these jolly activities
    been hiding?


    Two weekends ago I found myself on the starting line of my first cyclocross race. There were 15 of
    us there on a damp, briskly cold morning giving it our first try. I had only moments before tried my
    first dismount hurdle in a quick warm-up run.

    The race started and we quickly fell into a wild pace of running flailing beginners. Settling into
    our places we rode lap after lap. The evil Trailbert, that laid out the course, decided that running
    through sand was a good quality for cyclocross. We thanked him later. On my seventh lap I could no
    longer hold off being lapped by a 62 year old master rider, Ed. In my defense he was the 2002 world
    XC champion (60-64 age). Oh well, one less lap I would have to finish.

    It was a high intensity event that we all enjoyed very much. I ended with a fifth place finish. I
    find it to be a great cross training regiment for the winter. Maybe I will not suck as much as usual
    when the spring comes around. One can only hope.

    Peace and Merry Christmas,


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