Wherry, whither thee?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Kurgan Gringion, Sep 15, 2003.

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  1. from cyclingnews live coverage:

    11:42 CEST Chris Wherry (Navigators) has attacked and has a good little gap on the field as they go
    up Tylor street.

    12:44 CEST Cesar Grajalas (Jittery joe's) has bridged to him but the field are very close behind.

    13:47 CEST 20 km/150 km to go The gap is now 26 seconds between the leading pair and the peloton and
    it looks like another couple of riders are trying to bridge up to the lead.

    14:50 CEST Trent Klasna, who has been trying to bridge has now been caught but the two leaders,
    Wherry and Grajalas are still out there.

    15:03 CEST Grajalas leads up Fillmore street and has dropped Wherry who is being caught by the bunch


    Wherry gets dropped by a Jittery Joe's rider? What's next? Vinokourov gets taken off the back by a
    Lemond Fitness rider who then sprints back on?

  2. Rumpe Cramp

    Rumpe Cramp Guest

    Front Group on lap 3: Chris Wherry (Navigators) Jason Lokkesmore (Health Net) Gord Fraser (Health
    Net) Rolf Aldag (Telekom) C Grajales (JJ's)

    About 40 seconds over a small second group. 1:20 on peloton. All majors teams in the first
    two breaks.
  3. Danschmatz

    Danschmatz Guest

    C Grajales (JJ's) <-- that kid can climb
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