Which BB cups and axle for Avocet cranks?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by 9sdura-Ace, Mar 1, 2003.

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    I just bought some beautiful Avocet road cranks on ebay. What BB do I need to use? (Cranks will be
    set up as a double chainring, frame is English threaded.)

    I have a 115mm "OFMEGA 68.C" spindle whose measurements are 27, 56,
    32mm. I think that would work, but I don't have the cups.

    I have Dura-Ace BB-7400 cups, but no spindle (I think that would have worked, too).

    When I assemble the OFMEGA spindle with the Dura-Ace cups, the left cup sticks out past the lock
    ring by about 5.5mm. I think the OFMEGA spindle takes "thin wall" cups (the 56mm middle dimension),
    and I think the Dura-Ace cups are "thick walled".

    So I'm looking for "thin walled" cups, or "thick walled" spindle.

    There are a bunch of vintage Campagnolo bottom brakets on ebay. They seem to be an odd mix of
    spindles and cups. Which cups are thick walled? Thin walled? Which spindles "expect" thick walled
    cups? Thin walled?


    Thanks in advance!

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