which bike company do you own the bikes from?

William Henry

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Dec 22, 2004
I own bikes from trek and kestrel. by far I think that you are paying a little more for the trek name. Their name is expensive because they have sponsored the winner of the tour de france for 6 years and they think that they are all that. I have seen some better bikes by cannondale and specialized.:eek:
None of the above. :D I own a LOOK and a Cinelli.

Edit: Thought I'd add that I had an 11-year-old Trek AL frame until recently. That was my main, and only, bike for a number of years.
i own a litespeed, a bianci, and a specialized and my favorite is the litespeed. its also the newest
"Which bike company do you own the bikes from?" and "Which company do you think is the most reputable?" are two completely different questions.

As it happens I own a couple of brands from companies that I do not believe are too reputable.
Hmmmm, none of mine are on the list. I own a Santa Cruz, Redline, and an Independent Fabrication bike. They are all great bikes for what they are intended. The Santa Cruz is a great mountain bike, the IF is an awesome roadie and the Redline is a great cx bike / backup roadie for the price.
I currently own three; Seven (Road), Bianchi (Road), and a Dean (MTB). I had to vote Seven in the poll b/c only one other person voted for them so far and the other companies were not listed. All are great bikes, and all bikes are great.
out of that list i would say that cannondale is the best! especially if your a roadie. and yes i agree with the statement that schwinns suck big time. once you start saling "bikes" threw walmart your brand doesnt exist anymore as far as im concerned. sevens are nice too but rediculously expensive. i ride a colnago and im soon adding a bellesi(little known italian road bike maker) isabella and a custom made mercian mountain bike. cant friggin' wait any longer(pulling my hair out and screaming!):eek:
i own a bike from MARINONI. It's a small company from Quebec Canada that built custom made bike. Very good product.
I love my Schwinns!
Of course they are all pre-Colorado late '60s 27":D

Of the modern stuff, I race, rebuild and love Giant.
My main steed is a Cannondale, as is my dad's, my sister has an older Mongoose (when they were good bikes), and my mom has a Specialized Crossroads. Got rid of my Specialized MTB a while back.
I'm not a road-cyclist or racer like the vast majority here. I like to be different: I ride a Fuji 2004 Shangri-la beach cruiser, a Giant Stiletto chopper and a customized Norco 15-speed trike. :)
Specialized road bike
Moots road bike
Specialized Mountain bike
Twins each have a Haro bmx bike
Specialized road bike
Moots road bike
Specialized mountain bike
Twins each have a Haro bmx bike

Why don't you add an "Other" option since the list is very limited. Also, the title of the thread and the question for the poll are different. Owning and liking are two different things.
I currently own a Jamis (MTB) and a Centurion (road). Neither of which was listed.

I did own a Schwinn Mesa and contrary to popular belief, it was a great bike. I bought it through the LBS. Compared to the wally-world rides, it had far better components, but it was also $600 higher. I rode the bike for two years, and although I did replace most of the components to stronger, beefier stuff, it never gave me any problems. If I was the size of the average rider, the original components would still be fine (I'm 6'3" and 215).

Did I catch any flack? You betcha. My friends, who all ride belly-button Specializeds, Treks and Cannondales, used to rag me about my 'Walmart' bike. And that was always at the start of the ride. By the end of the day, no one talked the same trash.

Would I buy another? No. It's not the same design as before. Mine was a cool single-pivot. Imagine a Santa Cruz Heckler with 3" of travel. And before any Santa Cruz fans go nuts over that statement, let me add that the welds were beefed up in the same places that Santa Cruz usually adds to. Shortly after buying the bike, I looked a Heckler over. I won't say anyone copied anyone, but the geometry, the placement and the setup of the rear susp. is similar. Now the Schwinn relies on the GT I-drive design. I don't know if it's a good design or not, I just don't dig it.
Do I fault Schwinn for ruining their name? Nope. All in all, it's all about the dollar. Why does Trek sponsor Lance? So the Lance junkies will sell their kids to get the latest Madone. It's smart marketing, just like putting Spongebob on cereal boxes. How else could Schwinn get more money? Not that it's right, but there are alot more people with $200 in their pocket than $1200 or $2200 or $3200. I'd dare say if any of the companies on that list were large enough to meet production quotas, they'd do the same. But they can't. They can't make enough bikes and they don't have the dough to fund such a transaction.

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