Which bike has the best specs/components out of these 4?

Sight Lock

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Dec 5, 2014

I would like to start off by saying $450 is the maximum amount I can go because its going to be one of my gifts for Christmas so its not me paying for it. I went on Bike Direct.com and there was a few bikes that looked decent but I am do not know which bikes out of the bikes are best suited for what I want to do. When I read the bike specs/components I am not familiar with ANY of the parts so I have NO WAY to know which of the bikes I am looking at are better than the others.

First of all, This is my primary use for the bike I am looking for

- There will be half and half uses for this bike. Most of the time, I will probably be riding this bike around town on the roads, but I will often be cutting through small trails through town and maybe going on tiny dirt paths or side walks with small bumps. Basically just riding it around town. The other half of the time I will be using this bike to ride on thin trails, I am not sure what type of trail you would call it, but it looks like super fine gravel (Like very fine sandy gravel) and I typically put my bike inside a van and me and my uncle travel to a bike trail that goes on for hours (I have no long trails where I live which is why half of the time I will be riding around town on either the road or small paths).

This was the first bike I was thinking about getting Save up to 60% off new Hybrid Bicycles | Adventure Hybrid 29er Bikes Elite Adventure Sport Trail

- Its a 2015 Motobecane Elite Adventure

I am not sure how good the components are compared to the other bikes that are also $450, but the reason I was looking at this bike was simply because it says the tires are inbetween that of a road bike and a mountain bike, and I thought since I would be on small trails and the road half and half that this bike would maybe be the bike to get? Again I know nothing about the parts compared to the other bikes I am about to list.

Here are the 3 other bikes

2015 Motobecane 750HT - Save up to 60% off Mountain Bikes - MTB - Motobecane 750HT

2015 Motobecane Fantom29 X4 - Save up to 60% off new 29er Mountain Bikes - MTB - Motobecane Fantom 29 X4 with Custom Colored Wheels + Hydraulic disc brakes

2015 Motobecane 650HT - http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/...cane/650ht.htm
IMHO, pick the one that FEELS BEST TO YOU! You will know it when you find it. The bike will become an.. EXTENSION of who you are! If you find yourself with A BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE, chances are... you' ve found the one that works for you! I sold stereo gear for 33 years. And my philosophy NEVER CHANGED! If it sounds BEST TO YOU, that's all that really matters! Bicycles are the EXACT SAME WAY! When you sit on it, does your face light up? Just like when you were a kid?? If it does... That's the one! It's.... ALWAYS ABOUT THE JOY! GOOD LUCK!
Sight Lock, It may be sort of tough for you to find
what you need over the web. You may want to
go to your local Giant or Trek dealer and see what
they have to offer in your price range. They may
be familiar with the trails you plan to ride on.
First off at that price points on those bikes you don't want a suspension fork because cheap suspension forks are **** plus they cost more than rigid shocks which in turn takes away from the money being used to get better components. So if you like the way a MTB rides then consider a hybrid or find a MTB with a rigid fork.

If you want a little suspension to smooth out the ride a bit then consider a suspension seatpost.

Also don't buy a bike in that price range with disk brakes because cheap disk brakes are also **** unless you don't mind upgrading.

Also find a dealer who handles Kona, they make a bike called the Dew, a little higher price but if you can get last years model they will cut you a deal. Another brand to consider is the Diamondback Insight 1.

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