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May 24, 2016
Ok so I'm new to completely new to cycling. My wife is a runner and now wants to start to cycle so I said I would ask well. We have gone and looked at a few bikes ando I am stuck between two. I went and rode a 2016 specialized roubaix sport and really liked it but I plan on going to ride a tarmac sport this weekend. The Roubaix was very comfortable and felt great but I feel like I will get into cycling and want something more along the lines of a race geometry. Now I will say we plan to commute to work, 6.5 miles or 11.5 depending on where I work that day, so want I really want to know is the Roubaix going to be that much more comfortable of a ride?
Over 11.5 miles comfort isn't going to too much of a concern. Your wife is a runner...ANY bike is going to be more comfortable than pounding the pavement. <insert smilie here>

What are your approximate ages, local road conditions and what are the longest distance rides you plan on undertaking?

Seriously, ride the Tarmac. Its a great race bike, not that the Roubaix is not. The Rou can tackle the worst roads in Ohio and Flanders (no difference there, really) and that is what it is designed to race over...really crappy roads.

If you are not going be constantly going over really crappy roads the Tarmac and 25 MM tires not at max. pressure is comfortable enough for most riders. A good fit, a good saddle and plenty of time in that saddle will be all you need.
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Thanks campybob I didn't think the short commute to work would be uncomfortable I just know we have been looking at a few trips that are around 100 miles round trip, not that we will be doing that in the beginning. I was wanting to go with the Tarmac but the wife kept trying to talk me out of it so I guess I just needed someone else on tell me that it would be a good bike.
Mmm I suggest a bicycle capable of withstanding general bike training trips, such as the Sora road bikes or even a Tiagra. Definitely, picking something like a cheap Shimano 2300 is not going to perform well for long trips, but is fairly good for commuting and leisure rides.
And I understand that I'm not going to be getting the best bike out there and that's not what I'm expecting. I'm just looking for a starter bike that will do the job while I'm learning what I actually want in a bike. Also I would get a better bike if I wasn't purchasing 2 at the same time, one for my wife.
I don't see the point of getting a racing bike if you don't ever plan on racing it, I think for what you're going to be doing with a bike the Roubaix would be more than just fine. The Roubaix is one of the most comfortable carbon bikes to ride on city streets than any other carbon bike, with the zertz inserts to dampen the vibrations and shocks riding on surface streets can dish out in addition to be a sport geometry makes that bike a very comfortable bike to be on. You've already rode it and liked it, I think once you ride the Tarmac you'll go back to the Roubaix. This would be a great high end starter bike, a bike you can use later if you decide to get a racing bike for nothing but commuting or take camping etc.

Personally, a starter bike is a really nice $250 to $350 used bike, a bike where if you're like 78% of the population who takes up a exercise program stops after 3 to 6 months, won't become expensive garage art.

Of course this is all just opinion which is why you asked the question...to get an opinion.
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Depends really on your budget, as the quality and dependency of the bike is based on how much you are willing to shell out, and in most cases, the sturdy ones that require minimum maintenance are incredibly expensive to begin with. There are lots of choices out there in the market, and all you have to do is compare your budget with the prices of the ones that catch your eye, and maybe you can find a middle ground between these factors.

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