Which bike with Sciatica?

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    Mar 11, 2010
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    I have a bad back injury with severe chronic Sciatica and I am currently looking for a new bike.

    I am currently biking about 100 miles a week/ up to 50 mile rides and just started training for the AIDS/ Lifecycle in June (7day/ 545 mile ride). I got into biking about three years ago and have been riding a $700 mountain bike (GT Karakoram, slicks, no suspension), but as I am upping my mileage it is time to upgrade.

    I don't know much about bikes and have just started visiting bike shops and doing some test riding. Budget is whatever it takes, preferably under $2000, but I want to it to be the perfect bike for the next ten years.

    So far I have been pointed towards a relaxed road bike, full carbon frame, Shimano 105 or Ultegra components, $1700-3000 price rang (Like a Specialized Rubaix) Since I have never ridden a road bike before, I have no idea what to look for, and more importantly how it will affect my back on the long trips. I am also really tall for a woman (6'1) with long legs and short torso.

    Any advice?


    Some more background:
    I have an annual tear in my S1/L5 disk that causes severe Sciatica.
    I gave up running when it happened about three years ago and now do a lot of swimming, rock climbing, hiking and biking and found over time that the more I move the better it gets.

    After three years of doctors, PTs and chiropractors it is becoming evident that it is a chronic problem and there are no surgical options. I got two epidurals, but they did not do anything.

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    Decent question, I guess no one knows, tall order.

    I do get some hits from "googling with sciatica", so if you are not finding any responses here, I'm sure somewhere, someone knows about this. I'm not going to fake an answer, I don't know.
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    This is what works for me...YMMV

    I injured my back in 1999, had discectomy surgery to repair L4/L5 and L5/S1. Multiple epidurals didn't help me either...

    I am also very tall (6'7", 38" inseam).

    Prior to 1999, I rode a road bike about 200 miles a week. After surgery, I found that I could not get "in the drops", and that the huddled positioning on the road bike was uncomfortable.

    Last year, I bought a hybrid. The upright position works for me, I have bar end grips on it to give it more hand positions. I ride about 150 miles/week, complete 40-50 mile jaunts occasionally.

    Make sure you get a good bike fit done. Ride lots of different bikes before making your decision. Work your core muscles.

    Good Luck!