Which budget tubular tire?


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May 11, 2014
Hello, do you have any tubular tires to recommend?I was thinking of Continental Giro and Tufo S33 Pro.
Any other suggestions?Price range around 25-30 euro.
Thanks in Advance.
Conti tires will be overpriced from any other tire, meaning they'll will offer you less for more money. This is readily apparent in the two tire examples you gave. The Conti will not be a real road worth tire because it has not flat protection at other than 2 cotton belts, but it will be a very comfortable tire to ride on but plan on spending lots of time on the side of the road fixing flats. The Tufo on the other hand has three layers of flat protection, the first one is a rubber ply just beneath the surface of the tread and the second one has a puncture resistant ply just under the puncture resistant rubber ply, and third one is created by overlapping the first two to enhance the flat protection.

Neither of those 2 tires have superb flat resistance but the Tufo tire is far above the Conti in that department. In fact after looking at all the tubulars on Wiggle the Tufo is their most flat resistant tire that they carry.

Of course always carry at least one spare tubular in case of a flat. In addition to doing that Tufo does have a sealant that works very well for small punctures while riding it's called Tufo Standard Sealant not the Extreme sealant which is use only after you get a flat, the Standard is put into the tube before you get a flat and will seal automatically should a small hole happen.

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