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    This specification is the way to understand not only from a safety point. The more flywheel on the trampoline acts, the greater is the rebound effect. Why are many mini-trampolines provided with a second weight value . This indicates the body weight of the user, wherein the rebound effect optimally brought to bear.
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    Which ceiling height do I need in order to optimally train can?

    Those who train at home, often has doubts, to bang your head on the ceiling. This concern is usually unfounded, because many apartments have a minimum ceiling height of 2.50 meters. This amount is for trainees up to 1.90 meters height perfectly fine. Only those who scored in the combination of body weight and tension of the trampoline a very high rebound effect, should train for safety reasons with a ceiling height of 2.70 meters and more. Otherwise, the motto is: Under the open sky, it trained at the safest ...