Which is better Carrera Zelos or Carrera TDF


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Aug 3, 2013
if you are 5 feet and 8 inches tall then both bikes are too big for you (58cm and Large) if you are 5'8 feet tall then they would be barely ok, but a medium would still be better p.s. the TDF in the picture is not a 58cm, (but the specification tells you that is what they have in stock) both are good for their price range, the TDF has a bit better drivetrain with an 8 speed cassette
Originally Posted by winner32 .

I am about 5ft 8 which is the better bike?
If you're about 5'8" you should be on something in the 52-54 cm (small to medium) range. 5'8" is not tall or large, it is the short side of medium.

Ask Halford's if they have anything in your size.

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