Which is the better choice for an entry level road bike?


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Jan 16, 2014
Looking to get an entry level road bike. Out of these, which do you think would be the best product? I don't know about tech specs so I have a hard time choosing. These are the only choices I have:
Someone is buying the bike for me and they have given me these choices:
1)Excellent value and super warranty,

2)Lower end parts racier geometry, lighter frame.

3)Very similar to the Trek above.

4) Relaxed geo but lower end parts for more money nice frame.
So, some decisive info:
First off, what will I be using the bike for?
I commute half an hour to school and back, but for that I use my old bike since I don't mind locking it up places. For this new one I'll just be using it for joy rides, I have 30k and 50k routes around the city I like to ride just to get the endorphins flowing and feel the wind in my chops.
I would only consider using this new one for commutes if there was somewhere I could lock it away inside out of sight. Someone once said to me "locks keep honest people out", and I have had enough bikes stolen from the grasp of what I considered good (and expensive) locks, that the only thing I'll trust to lock up now is the old bike I have that I don't think anyone would look twice at. I don't want to leave a new bike lying around that someone will think "ooh i want that without paying for it"
I've considered the idea of fenders, but as far as I'm concerned, though, I don't like riding in the rain, and if I'm going to be riding in conditions that will be getting my bike all covered in sludge and grime, I'll do it with my old bike. I'm planning on using this one as a fair-weather cruiser. I don't want the insistence on fenders to limit my options, especially if I'm not planning to ride in the rain.
Please let me know what you think. :)
Originally Posted by PistolSlap
Looking to get an entry level road bike.
Hey @PistolSlap please post the complete links rather than the shortened links.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/161198727871?redirect=mobile if it fits you great deal. doubt any bids over the next few days. beats anything entry level nowadays by far. trek 5900's kick butt.
The MEC---$1025 for a Sora group with an all-aluminum fork? Granted, it's Canadian dollars, but the Synapse is probably a better bike, and a definite better value at $899 Canadian.

The Trek is no longer available, according to the link. And the Norco has shitty Tektro brakes, and a wheel set that I've never heard of. I'd go with the Synapse.

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