Which Models of Dia-Compe Levers Do I Have?

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All -

I've got 2 pairs of Dia-Compe brake levers, and I'd like to get new hoods for them. Loosescrews has
a good (?) selection of hoods, but I have no idea which lever models I have.

Pictures or links would be very helpful.

So, I'll try to describe them.

Both pairs are non - aero. Both pairs use brownish-colored hoods (gum?). Both pairs have the
rotating release dingus at the top to the lever, where it meets the body on the lever.

Pair #1:

Levers are drilled, with 2 columns of 14 holes. Backside of lever is imprinted with 'DIA-COMPE
REGULAR' -- I assume this is the lever length (one could also obtain short levers) Quick release
dingus is imprinted with 'RELEASE' horizontally and vertically. The horizontal embossing also
has arrows at the extreme ends. Quick release dingus does not have any other coloration in the
imprinting. Lever body does not have cable adjusting ferrule. There are numbers on the levers
and body, but I assume they are production date codes (e.g., 0883, 1082)

Pair #2 (somewhat harder to describe as they are mounted on another bike):

Levers are embossed with pyramid shapes. There are 10 columns of these embossed shapes, with the
first & last column being a little bit shorter that columns 2 thru 8. Backside of lever has no
lettering embossed Quick release dingus is imprinted with 'RELEASE' only horizontally, with no
arrows. Quick release dingus has a stylistic design (palm? olive? whatsit?).

Quick release dingus has black coloring (letters are black, stylistic palm has black
background). Lever body has cable-adjusting ferrule There are no numeric codes on any parts.

Anything else I can supply to describe these levers?


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