Which MTB for under R10k ($1.2k)


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Oct 31, 2002
All right guys &amp; gals I need your help.<br /><br />I have recently given my 10 year old Mongoose MTB away. It is amazing what 10 years of coastal corrosion can do to a bike. It had a chrome molly frame and Shimano Deore DX components, not a bad bike in it's time.<br /><br />About a year ago I bought a Trek road bike for getting fit and taking part in competitions. The problem is that where I live the is basically one (maybe 2) tar roads for training. Not exactly a lot of variation :(<br /><br />On the other hand I have the whole Namib desert on my door step, available for MTBing.<br />I have therefore decided to buy a new MTB to assist with general fitness training.<br /><br />The question is what bike. Any suggestions ?<br /><br />Trek and Gaint are the brands that are most common in the area.<br /><br />Leon<br /><br /><br /><br />Leon<br />
I saw this in my LBS and lost my heart on it. It is such a beaut.<br /><br />It's got Deore/LX components, Manitou 80mm fork, Shimano Disc brakes, Ritchey clipless pedals and all for about R9 000.
Also saw one at Grant cycles the other day - looks great! Hope you're not planning to trade the Cannondale in on it ... although I doubt if that's the case ;D
Thanks Mampara<br /><br />Which is your LBS ?<br /><br />Leon
Have just liquidated my roof top tent (to small since the kid arrived) and my sea kayak (never used it anyway).<br />This means I am 3/4 of the way to that new MTB.<br /><br />Now will the prices come down with the stronger exchange rate , I wonder ?<br /><br /><br />Leon