Which Powertap Head Unit?

Discussion in 'Power Training' started by grinn253, May 30, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    My Powertap Head Unit is broken, and I simply would like a replacement. Unfortunetly it seems this is very difficult for me to comprehend which PT Head Unit to obtain. I originally thought there was just one type of Wireless Head unit, it seems there are some options to consider.

    I have 2 PT Hubs -- Elite+ & SL+ . My PT previous head unit worked great with both. :)

    What is the difference between these 3 options:

    1) PowerTap CPU Head for SL 2.4 Wireless https://www.bikeman.com/CY4812.html
    2) PowerTap Electro Pack SLC+/SL+/PRO+ https://www.bikeman.com/CY4814.html
    3) PowerTap Electro Pack Elite+ https://www.bikeman.com/CY4816.html

    Originally I thought, all i needed was #1. Then I saw # 3, which seems to include more accessories and is the same price -- but it says its only for the Elite+.

    Then I saw #2, which is like #3 -- with the more accessories (than just a head unit), but # 2 mentions its only for SLC+/SL+.

    Are options 2 & 3 exclusive to either SL+ & Elite+ Hubs? Ideally I'd like the PT Head unit to work with both my Elite+ & SL+ Hubs.

    If #3 is sufficient, then what is the point of #1 -- they are the same price, but #3 has more stuff. :confused:

    As you can see I'm very confused, and would appreciate any assistance with information regarding which head units are compatible with my SL+ & Elite+ PT Hubs.


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    Your best bet is to call them, Edgardo. Some of these website descriptions are poorly written by people that don't understand the product line they're describing.