Which scott roadbike to choose?


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Sep 10, 2018
I'm going to buy a new roadbike and i need your help, first off my options are limited to scott because of the discount i get from local dealer, so no point giving me other options

Foil 10 disc - ultegra di2 , syncros merrit 50mm carbon wheels ( anybody has info what wheels these are )

Foil 10 - same as previous one but with rim brake, price is ~500euros cheaper, is the disc brake worth 500eur ?

Foil 20 disc - mechanical ultegra and syncros aluminium wheels, price is about 1000 euros cheaper, i think di2 and syncros carbon wheels are worth the 1000 premium ?


Addict RC15 disc - ultegra di2 and alu wheels, price is same as non-disc Foil10.

Addict RC20 disc- mechanical ultegra and alu wheels.

Pretty much to sum it up my question is: Foil vs Addict ( i live in flat country with no mountains) , is di2 worth about 400-500euros premium over mechanical ultegra, are disc brakes worth +500 euros , and are Syncros merrit wheels worth 600euros ?
Sorry if it's all so confusing, belive me, i am more confused than that text
I know I'm going to be the odd duck on this one because everyone is into the highest technology possible, but in my opinion, note I did say in my opinion, that the highest technology possible for bikes, just as for cars has not worked out real well which is why cars reliability records have dropped to just average compared with just 20 years ago, but I digress.

Again, in my opinion, I would avoid the electronic shifting stuff, sure it's faster especially with the front derailleur, but only a tad faster on the rear, chains do seem to last a bit longer as well, but the biggest issue is overall reliability. The batteries only will last 2 to 3 years then you have to buy a new one, there have been software glitches which of course requires a flash to fix it, then of course there is always the possibility of the battery going dead on a ride or a servo motor quitting, or the unit shutting down in the rain; you can fix a mechanical system yourself rather easily; . If you are not convinced of the issues see this and read the replies:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrkH2bIKrK0
The rain issue is reported here: http://forum.cyclingnews.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=13821 You can also read about issues here: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/...mechanical-groupsets-better-electronic-225805 I don't understand why people want to be tied to a battery charger all the time, it's the same thing with electric cars, I don't want to be tied to a charger, it's plain crazy to me.

Now on to disk brakes, unless you like riding in the rain a lot there is no advantage to disk brakes. The ability of a bike to stop itself is all tied to the tires adhesion to the road, and a rim brake is essentially a very large disk brake anyways. A friend of mine has a bike with disk brakes, and last spring he and I had a set of 4 various speed (15 mph, 20 mph and 30 mph) stops repeated each 3 times, of course we had different tires, he had a set of Conti Grand Prix 4 Seasons I was on a set of Hutchinson Intensives, we both had aluminum rims, and weight wise he weighs about 5 pounds more then me but his bike weighs 2 pounds less than mine so I added 2 full water bottles and a full seat bag to get the weight a bit closer; each time we performed a test we both stopped within a foot of each during the first two sets, sometimes he stopped sooner and sometimes I did which we attributed to reaction time, the odd thing was that at 30 mph speed, which was done last, I stopped consistently a bit faster, not sure if that's because the disk rotors were getting hot because trying to do a touch test burned our fingers on the rotor but not on the rim. So I'm leaning towards heat fade, and since the rim is a much larger area it remains cooler and cools off faster. We did not test in rainy conditions, but I feel confident that since the rotor is smaller the pads would wipe the water off the rotor quicker than the pads on the rim would and thus the disk brakes should stop a wee bit better. Also disk brakes do cost more to maintain but it also saves on the cost of the rim wearing out, when I figured up the cost over 30,000 miles it turned out to be a wash unless you have some really expensive rims; obviously with carbon fiber rims the only way to stop fast is with disk brakes unless those CF wheels have an aluminum brake track but then you're looking at the possibility of CF delaminating from the AL brake track due to the heat from braking cannot dissipate through the CF wheel fast like it can with an all AL rim. Weight wise and aerodynamics wise between the two I think is mostly hooey but that's me. So this brake choice thing is something only you can answer depending on the environment you'll be riding in.

If it were me, and thus my opinion again coming into play, knowing I like things simple and easy to repair I would go with the Addict Foil 20 mechanical derailleurs and no disks.
If i were to buy with retail price, i wouldn't even decide di2 and discs to be honest :) And probably go with full mechanical foil 20, but i have to pay about 1200 euros extra for di2,disc brakes and 50mm carbon wheels AND SOOOOO SEXY gold/brown colour , for resale it's probably also good idea to have the di2 and disc version :) Friday i put an order to foil 20 disc :)
Again this is my opinion, when I said I would go with the mechanical non disk Foil 20 it was done so with the cost being a non issue. Like I said before, I don't like complications and don't want to deal with problems I can't fix, but especially problems I can't fix on the road, yeah I know there is the cell phone in today's world so I could call for help but I HATE relying on other people to come bail me out; in 40 plus years of riding I've only had to call my wife twice and that's when I got a bad bout of diarrhea that left me too exhausted to ride (I even carry Imodium AD and other stuff, to prevent making such calls but that time the Imodium didn't work); and the second time I totaled my bike and was at the hospital so thought it may be a good idea to call her. I know, I'm weird.

Anyway I think the Foil 20 that you selected is a very nice bike and you'll be happy with it.
Sorry , mispelled, ordered foil 10 :) But thanks for any input, although is choosed complete opposite :D

Although i also like reliable things, but in the other hand i'll get so many new things when i'm deciding to buy Foil 10 - First time owning an aero frame , carbon aero wheels, electric shifting , disc brakes , new is always fun :)
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Sorry , mispelled, ordered foil 10 :) But thanks for any input, although is choosed complete opposite :D

Although i also like reliable things, but in the other hand i'll get so many new things when i'm deciding to buy Foil 10 - First time owning an aero frame , carbon aero wheels, electric shifting , disc brakes , new is always fun :)

I kind of figured you would get the complete opposite because you are like most people...you want the newest thing. I hope you have years of enjoyment out of your new bike.

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