Which wheelset is better?


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Dec 4, 2002
Hi, <br /><br />I'm planning to get a new wheelset, currently using Mavic Comsic (about 6 years old) but it's going to be retired soon. I'm riding a GIANT TCR ONCE Replica 01 model.<br /><br />1. Mavic Ksyrium<br />2. Mavic Comsic<br />3. Shimano WHD6xx/7xx<br /><br />Need advice on the diff b/n 1 &amp; 2 and 1&amp;3. My budget is around US600, don't think I can get 1 or 3 w/7xx. But I may be able to get it elsewhere. I want a more responsive wheel especially on the climb, not so much on sprinting though.<br /><br />Also currently with Shimano 105 cassette (9speed), is it ok if I use DA's 9 speed cassette on the new wheels but with the current 105 groupset?? <br />Any comments/advice greatly appreciated.<br />
Koala<br /><br />I assume you're revering to Mavic Kysirium Elite and Mavic Cosmic Elite wheelsets.<br /><br />Lets see:<br />Mavic Ksyrium Elite<br />
  • Weight:780g Front and 965g Rear
  • Spokes: 18 bladed straight pull Front and 20 bladed straight pull Rear
  • Features: Fore, FTSL,SUP, UB, Maxtal and QRM technologies
<br /><br />Mavic Cosmic Elite<br />
  • Weight:880g Front and 1095g Rear
  • Spokes: 20 bladed straight pull Front and 20 bladed straight pull Rear
  • Features:SUP, QRM and UB technologies
<br /><br />Shimano WH<br />
  • Not much information available on these wheels, to me that’s no good. I’ll stick with the guys who have been manufacturing wheelsets a bit longer than Shimano.<br />
<br /><br />In my opinion if you want a wheelset that’s responsive on the climbs go for the Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset they’re light, responsive end utilize the latest Mavic technologies.<br /><br />Click on the following link to see reviews on the wheels you mentioned and many more.<br />http://www.roadbikereview.com/Wheelsets/PLS_2490crx.aspx<br /><br /><br />
<br />Koala,<br /><br />I agree with Goat - Mavic have been making wheels forever and are pretty d@mn good at it!<br /><br />If you're looking for an all round 'last forever' wheelset try the Mavic Classics SSC - quite pricey but they last forever (I've had mine for 15,000km and not touched a spoke yet). Around $450....<br /><br />Check out www.mavic.com for details.<br /><br />You said it yourself - your existing Mavic's lasted you 6 years!<br /><br />
and you can use a DA cassete with a 105 drive train. <br /><br />but since everything else is 105, save some money and get an ultegra cassette.
Thanks guys, will check out the shop and hopefully get the wheel tonight as well. :p<br /><br />
http://www.amclassic.com/420_Wheels.html<br /><br /><br />420 Wheelset Pricing <br />Standard Build Frt Wheel - $285.95<br /><br />Standard Build Rear Wheel - $414.00<br /><br />Custom Builds - $25 extra per wheel.<br /><br />Ti Skewer Upgrade - $30 per wheelset.<br /> <br />Faster, cheaper, stronger, and custom built for you. You can choose the spoke count and nipple material. The rims are deeper and lighter. Faster in the hills and on the flats.<br />
Hi Guys,<br /><br />Due to limited $$$, I finally settled with Mavic COMSIC Elite, which is the same model as my old wheels (bought 6 years ago), they look great arent' they?! <br /><br />One problem though, when I spin the back wheel after few turn on the crank, I notice some wobbling on the spocket, they move left and right during the wheel in motion, there is about 2mm on each side (when the chain is stationed), is that normal 'coz I checked my old wheel and I didn't notice any &quot;movement&quot; with the spocket. I took the wheel to the bike shop and they said it's normal, it happens to every wheelset, just a matter of how big the wobbling is. <br /><br />Does this happen to you guys? Thanks.<br />