Which Would You Buy Between The Cannondale Synapse 105 5 (2015) And The Liv Avail Advanced 2 (2016)?

I'd probably go for the..

  • Liv Avail Advanced 2

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 5

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • I know a better choice around this price, check my post out!

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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Sep 29, 2015
Buying a bike for the other half and we're stuck between two bikes (she likes both).

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 5 Women's

Liv Avail Advanced 2

No experience with either brand and browsing online seems to pull positive comments for both bikes..

Help on any aspect at all would be appreciated!
I would buy none because I crash alot.

But I would probably look at the rims of both for wheel quality at this price.

Have you also checked Specializeds women's stuff?

BTW also maybe check BMC...

Why disk brakes??? :D
Volnix said:
Why disk brakes??? :D
Same here. Unless she has a compelling reason, I don't think, they're, like, necessary.

Both brands are highly regarded and well supported.
I would chose the Cannondale
1) no disc brakes
2) Sized increments. I think I myself would get a better fit this way.

Giant is sized s, m, lg, xl. Seems too much like a one size fits all sizing. I like to pinpoint my sizing best as possible.
I really like the look of the Liv Avail so I voted for that.

The colour does it for me, I love the sort of glossy darkish red of it and I do like the disc brakes on it.
Mr. Beanz said:
I would chose the Cannondale
1) no disc brakes
2) Sized increments. I think I myself would get a better fit this way.

Giant is sized s, m, lg, xl. Seems too much like a one size fits all sizing. I like to pinpoint my sizing best as possible.
Actually, the range is xs, s, m, and l, and those sizes correspond quite closely to Canondale's 48, 51, 54, and 56. So, with Giant, you're only out of luck if you need a 44.

Assigning numeric sizes to bicycle frames should have died with horizontal top tubes, anyway. With sloping top tubes, shortened seat tubes, proportional virtual top tubes, and extended head tubes, is there anything on a 44 cm Synapse that measures 44 cm? No.
Either way, you're buying a Giant. ;)

Because that's who makes Cannondale's frames for them---but, different specs and designs.

Looks like the Giant has a carbon frame and fork? That would be my deciding point.
I'd go for the Giant - but either way, you'll get a great bike. Both companies make quality bikes that ride extremely well and offer good value.

I dig disk brakes, I like the style of the Giant and it looks more of a well designed package. The only thing I find going in Cannondale's favor is the bottom bracket. My main road bike is a Cannondale Hi-Mod SuperSix with Dura Ace 7900 - and the brakes on that aren't on a par with the disk brakes I've tried and as rim brakes go, the 7900's are damned good. But it's not all just about stopping power - if you're in the wet then there's no comparison at all, I'd rather be on disk brakes. My biggest "off" on a bike was a combination of me failing to recognize that bombing down hill at 50mph was a bad idea in the rain, cowshit and diesel covered roads and me failing to recognize that my Campagnolo rim brakes were hardly going to slow me down even if I did squeeze the levers more than hard enough to turn my knuckles a brilliant shade of white. My injuries would have been less permanent if I had better brakes...

... or less permanent it I'd rode like a wuss. :p

The only downside to the Giant would be having to learn how to take the wheels out. It doesn't say in the spec if they're regular quick release hubs or through axle hubs. The latter would be preferred but my present a bit of an problem at first for those not familiar with them. As with most things bike related, a quick read through the manual and testing things out at home prior to the ride will be a wise plan.
Thanks for the replies, value every one! Very helpful. She's now got another bike on her radar to complicate things further..


It's not women's specific, but they do a frame that's small enough for her. My only concern is how fast or slow this bike would be compared to the others. I don't want her having to haul around something sluggish. Reason I mention it is because I found this review when researching the bike where the reviewer concludes,

"Taken as face value, the BMC GF02 is a little heavy and not very quick"
What kinds of riding will she be doing?

Is she able to ride either of the bikes?

Can you afford to pay for (or does your local offer free with purchase) a bike fit?

At first glance the Cannondale and the Giant look close in specs. The BMC does not have as good of groupset as the others.

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