Who are your heroes?

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    Jan 5, 2004
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    An interesting question that came up during a job interview : candidates were asked to name, or describe, the their heroes.

    This got me thinking :

    Nelson Mandela - would have to be on my list : he would have been well within his rights to seek revenge for what happened to him and the millions of South Africans who suffered under apartheid.
    Instead, he did what was best for the nation : a truly great statesman.

    Fidel Castro - for me one of the great men of our time.

    Bob Geldof - raised the issue of hunger and poverty in the early 1980's and has campaigned tirelessly for the poor ever since.

    George Soros - one of the most influential men in the financial world and a philanthropist who has given away literally hundred of millions of pounds to charity.

    John Maynard Keynes - ecocnomic genius who's policies informed Roosevelts
    "New Deal" and who's work in the international financial system almost singlehandedly saved the economic system of the 1930/40's.

    George Best - for sheer talent, good looks and for giving joy to millions of football fans (and non-fans alike).

    Lech Walesa - prime mover in the Polish workers movement.

    Tony Benn - British MP and one of the greatest orators I've ever heard.
    His stance on Iraq, Cuba, workers rights, even distribution of wealth, British Miners strike, opposition to US foreign policy and his fifty years as sitting MP : one of the great men of our time.

    Jane Tomlinson - battled against cancer for years, raised millions and sadly died earlier this year.
    A real heroe.

    Sean kelly - naturally!

    Pete Sampras - always impressed me, courteous to a fault and a gentleman,
    and a magnificent player.

    Jack Nicklaus/Tiger Woods - see Sampras.

    The Beatles - no need to say anymore.

    The millions of unsung heroes : nurses, doctors, firemen/women, policemen/women, ambulance drivers, charity workers, carers and teachers who efforts and endeavours all help us at some point in our lives.

  2. alienator

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    Jun 10, 2004
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    Leo Szilard - for his peace activism
    Albert Einstein - for the unexpected left turn he threw into physics
    Richard Feynman - greatest teacher ever known
    Alfred Haynes, Dudley Dvorak, and Dennis Fitch - for amazingly landing a crippled DC-10 with no hydraulic control thus saving the lives of 175 people
    The crew of Apollo 13 - for never giving up, even when they were a quarter of a million miles from home
    The crews of Challenger and Columbia - for going where others feared to tread

    That's about it. I don't think job status automatically confers any hero status. Policemen, firemen, doctors, soldiers, whatever: having a particular job doesn't make you a hero in my eyes. It's your actions that define you.
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    Apr 25, 2003
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    For what? Maybe for standing up to the US but not for the treatment of, his people, not his, that's the problem, Cubans.

    Why don't you list all the dictators of the world.
  4. stevecycles

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    Jan 23, 2007
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    Jesus Christ for dying for my sins on the cross.

    My dad, for always putting his family first, and for just being my dad.
  5. Pendejo

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    Apr 8, 2006
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    Ralph Nader: for devoting his life to fighting the corporate murderers and whores.

    Sam Harris, Chris Hitchens, Bill Mahar, Richard Dawkins, et. al., for having the balls to publicly criticize religion as nothing more than institutionalized superstition and ignorance.
  6. dooblesdjoobles

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    May 7, 2007
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    Miles Davis - for continually effecting change in America's only original art form.

    Ben Folds - for reminding everybody that "there's always someone cooler than you."

    Kurt Hahn - for believing in the youth.

    Eddy Merckx - (no explanation needed) but, in these times of uncertainty in the sport, he's on my list for STILL holding so many records.

    Anyone that has ever gotten back on the bike after thinking they would never ride again.

    The list goes on.
  7. Cycler6n

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    Jesus Christ- for dying for my sins and being my Savior

    Greg Lemond- for being an amazing rider, and making a recovery after being shot w/ a shotgun to return to win a tdf and inspire many

    Moby- for standing up for what's right
  8. Scotttri

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    Oct 11, 2005
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    Anyone who gives up part of there personal time to help those in need.
  9. kdelong

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    Dec 14, 2006
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    Everyone is a hero to someone at least once in their life!
  10. geoinmillbrook

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    Not in any particular order

    Jimmy Stewart - a real gentleman and one of my favorite actors (along with Audrey and Katherine Hepburn).
    Jodie Foster - Beauty and brains, great actress (loved Contact)
    My father in law - blown out of the sky at 20K ft in a B17 during WWII, spent 14 mos in a German concentration camp. Hoofed it to the English channel on foot after escaping a forced march. Stayed alive trading cigarettes for food and learning German on the fly. A gentleman and honest man, raised 6 kids, lost his wife in 1986 and still loves and pines for her to this day. Worked as an engineer commuting to Manhattan 2 hrs each way until he was 75, never remarried and is still kicking at 85 yrs.
    Niels Bohr - for laying out sub-atomic structure and the foundations from which modern chemistry and quantum mechanics has been built - he also was a strong force in debating with Einstein and others over the deterministic views of newtonian and classical physics versus a more modern view of complimentarity and the indeterminacy of microscopic systems.
    Leonardo Divinci - for the contributions of both art and many disciplines of science. He was a genius ahead of his time; and not for the dumb pop culture myths of the Davinci Code.
    Frank Frazetta - for his imagination and ability to articulate such in his artwork
    Auguste Rodin - for his amazing powers of observation w.r.t. human anatomy
    Howard Hughes - for inventing the original push-up bra (for Jane Russell) - his genius still lives today. :)

  11. JohnO

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    Thomas Jefferson, for being the real genius behind the US Constitution, and for possessing a fine wine cellar.

    Gutenberg. Kicked off the real revolution in information.

    Martin Luther, who stood up to a corrupt power, and succeeded.

    Winston Churchill. He stared into an unstoppable military power, and gave them the finger.

    Steve Jobs. Arrogant, flaky, but in the end, he beat Bill Gates at his own game. Bill changed his net worth, Steve changed how we think.

    James Burke. One of the most entertaining and brilliant historians ever.

    On a local level:

    Paul Herzog. A brilliant software developer who worked with Kernigan and Richie at Bell Labs, and a true gentleman. May he rest in peace.

    My parents, for putting up with me. Why they didn't start a campaign to legalize infanticide, I'll never know.

    Mary Hill. A drop dead beautiful woman who wouldn't stop talking to me at a party one night. Eighteen years later, she's still talking to me.

    My two daughters, who think I'm the world's greatest dad. They give me a reason to keep going.
  12. saintsfan342000

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    Apr 6, 2007
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    The founding fathers.
    My mom, my grandpa.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Rocky Balboa (yeah I know he's not real).
    Daryl Hall and John Oates.
    Charlie Jones (host of the Texas Overnight radio show).