Who got new toys for Christmas?


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Nov 9, 2002
Although the forum time is 1:17am on the 26th, here its 9:17am Christmas morning. <br /><br />Anybody get new bike toys? <br /><br />I received HED Alps wheels. Clinchers, 55mm deep, bladed Ti spokes, 1565 g.
Bought myself some 2nd hand Mavic Cosmic Carbons 2 months ago.<br /> <br />Got a Pair of bright jellow thermo gloves and a new yellow Giro skyline helmet.<br /><br />Waiting for a Gp3000 some Vittoria cx'es and lattex innertubes wil be my newyear present.<br /><br />Probabely buy myself another bike as a present for myself looking at a 18 month old aluminum ridley frame with chorus 2000 9-speed gruppo and Open pro wheels a friend has for sale, will go for a testride and probable buy later this week. <br />
Sound like some pretty sweet toys. <br /><br />As for me, my wife and I found out a few days ago that we have a baby on the way (our first). Our parents think that it is the best damned present they could get.
Thank you, and I am curious...is this the same bigringking that posts on Velonews Techtalk?
I got some money, what i needed because i must get my gears fixed. I'll ride in the categorie &quot;nieuwellingen&quot; next year and the maximum gear is 50-16 and now i have a 52-14 (juniores)<br />Hope to find e cheap shop<br /><br />Jelle
[quote author=easyrider link=board=20;threadid=2810;start=0#msg23800 date=1040875150]<br />Sound like some pretty sweet toys. <br /><br />As for me, my wife and I found out a few days ago that we have a baby on the way (our first). Our parents think that it is the best d*mned present they could get. <br />[/quote]<br /><br />Congratulations mate! ;D that is the best present anyone could wish for without a doubt!<br /><br />cheers!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and got everything they wished for!<br />Congrats to both mr. and mrs. easyrider and mr. and mrs. to-be ouzo! Hope they bring you guys years of joy and fun!
Hi Guys<br /><br />A late Christmas wish from me and the family. I hope you all had a wondefull Cristmas where the miracle of the child jesus was celebrated. May you all have a very prosperous cycling year!!!! My new year resolutiona are the following:-<br /><br />1. Lose 20kg in flab<br />2. Do a sub 4H00 ARGUS on the Tandem<br />3. Do a sub 3h30 94,7 on the Tandem<br />4. Register a Professional Technologist<br /><br />As alway I am digressing and in dager of being MOVED!!!!!! by VO2<br /><br />I had to buy myself a new wheelset for the tandem The trusty old Campy Atlantas cracked om the braking surface and you cannot get them anymore. I got myself 40 hole Mount roller bearing hubs by Chosen with DRC rims and 4 cros lacing. Quite spiffy and nice. I will build the front wheel later.<br /><br />I cannot wait for this silly season to end because this was the time of flat wheels!!!!! Had five in one week. Two on the hybrid and theree on the tandem. One was very scary when the fornt got flat (slow punture) and the wheel got away from me in a tight bend. Was almost diappointed I did not faal!!!!!. Broken beer bottles and other rubbish eashed onto the roads by rain caused all this.<br /><br />Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!!!
easyrider...no, I am not.<br /><br />ouzo...I sincerely hope that in 20 years you are still as excited as you are now.