Who got the Payola?

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  1. Way back in '54, Davey made his first visit to the North American Colonies
    and Former Colonies.

    It was to a Flexing of the Imperial Muscles in a Savage Outpost of Empire
    called Vancouver, to be attended even by the Chief Parasite herself who
    was supposed to fire the Starting Gun or Flash her Knockerz or whatever
    Chief Parasites are supposed to do when trying to impress a bunch of
    Docile Colonists.

    The occasion was appropriately called 'The Empire Gamez'

    There Davey, a bright eyed kid, was suitably impressed, since he was still
    too young to know that Kings and Queens were just Super-Parasites without
    even a modicum of Honour or Shame and who would brazenly steal Christ off
    the Cross then sneak back after Dark for the Nails. Metaphorically,
    albeit, since there never was a Christ anyway.

    But Davey did meet some notable personalities there, only two of whom he
    still knows. The one a really nice guy whose name most people wouldn't
    recognize, but who features from time to time in retro-photos of the '56
    Tour since he was the guy who pedalled around the Hexagon with a cabbage
    leaf stuck in his casquette and who currently resides on Vancouver Island
    and just stepped down as President of the BC Masters Association.

    The other was a swimmer who took a wrong turn in life and became a
    Lawyer and then an Accountant and then some sorta Big Wheel in the IOC.
    But whe all know what Dogs do on Big Wheels right? And to compensate him
    somewhat for not being Chief Honcho of the IOC, they created some kind of
    Doping Agency and told him to trot off like a whipped dog with his tail
    between his legs and generally make a nuisance of himself.

    But, to get back on Track, (no pun intended), the cycling facility at this
    Colonial Contest was known as the China Creek Velodrome.

    It was constructed, deemed good, and like nearby Stanley Park, gifted to
    the People for all time.

    But over the years, the velodrome fell into disuse and disrepair and
    finally the greedy Capitalists cast their beady eyes in the direction of
    the China Creek Velodrome and the City agreed that if the (virtually
    non-existant) trackie community of BC Cycling would cede the China Creek
    Velodrome property to the City of Vancouver, if as and when a replacement
    track was built, the City would kick in a stipulated amount of Land,
    Labour and Materials.

    So what Davey wants to know is:
    Who got the Payola? Because as far as Davey knows, the city didn't pitch
    in a single Rouble to help with the Burnaby facility, and whilst Burnaby
    politically is a separate entity from Vancouver, the track was only
    located there because of the availability of a suitable site;

    Sniff, Sniff - Davey smells the air

    And it smells like Corruption to him

    Le Vent à Dos
    Davey Crockett