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  1. Because he owes me $20 on the helmet bet.


    From: Maxwell Laycock ([email protected]) Subject: Re: Euro-pro helmet useage

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    > > Tom-<< We'll see how long this helmet thing lasts in the pros.
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    > > I agree but as long as the UCI provides loopholes(uphill finish) rather
    > > rules like the Belgiums do when racing in Belgium, the 'rule' will be
    > ignored.
    > Would you like to bet on that?
    > I'll bet the rule will be observed. Any amount up to $100, payable by Paypal.

    Flashback to 1990(1)? Belgium: The Belgian federation mandates that all pro/am riders must wear
    hard shell helmets. It went over for about a month until an organized boycott unofficially
    nixed the rule.

    What do you do when half the race entries show up wearing “only” a leather hairnet?

    In the US: Cancel the race because one death due to racing in a hairnet is better than no racing at
    all... EVER!

    In Belgium: Let the race go on and consider (sensible) legislation.

    Needless to say, the Belgian federation retracted the legislation and to this day hard shells are
    not mandatory in Belgium.

    About 4 (or so) months later, Danny Aelarts (Sp?), member of the Belgian national team dies in a
    sprint finish in his hometown kermes... wearing a hard shell! Still the retraction stood. So are the
    Belgian feds a bunch of yokels or did they realize that terrible accidents occasionally happen in
    life and if you plan your life to prepare for them you should just take up needle point cause bike
    racing is just too damn dangerous.

    Kivelev (sp?) is dead, Lamire (sp?) is dead; One with a helmet and one without. What is the lesson
    here? Some people just have real bad luck in an activity that is still safer than either driving a
    car or... walking on ice.

    I'll take your bet Henry, by the end of the tour this rule will be done. Payable by Paypal ;-)

    Max (I feel naked without my helmet… when base-jumping off Teddy Roosevelt’s
    nose) Laycock

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