Who is ready for the weekend?


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May 2, 2002
You can honostly say they are ready for the 94.7? What time does every one expect to do.<br /><br />Personally, I think I'm as physically as fit as I can be without another 6 month's training but mentally I'm not quite there yet. If we're gonna have the wind thet we had this weekend it's gonna be hell.
I agree with Vo2, things will start to look bad when we head up Beyers Naude and will go all pear shaped when we hit the N14 :eek:
My training (or lack of it) is done. Mental prep starts now.<br />Let's hope the wind plays along.<br />
At the risk of sounding too confident - I'm ready physically and mentally.<br /><br />Had a good race at the weekend and ripped the poor B bunch apart at the Coca Cola Kempton Race. Been hitting Kyalami plenty lately and having long rides on the weekend.<br /><br />What I'm really looking forward to is NO HYDE PARK HILL! Rolling hills like the N14 are pretty cool cos the bunch drags you half way up them (here's hoping I don't get dropped!!). I'm too heavy for sit down climbs like Hyde Park/Hekpoort/Krugersdorp.<br /><br />Had a touch of the stomach bug 2 weeks back but have recovered and am ready to give it big stick!<br /><br />We'll see afterwards if my &quot;In your face&quot; approach works :)<br /><br />
<br />Time wise I want 2:30-2:40 but that'll depend on the bunch and the wind.....
Was ready physicaly until this morning. Woke up with a sore back. Will do plenty of streches this week. <br /><br />Mentally I'm not ready. I dont feel phsyced up, there is no aniticipation and last night whilst thinking about it I got a horrible feeling in my stomach.<br /><br />One mental thing in my favour was my ride yesterday. Took it real easy with the wind, never got my HR above 85% and still managed an easy 25km/h average over 40km.<br /><br />Looking to do the 94.7 in 4hrs. Anything better is a bonus.
1st Lap - 2hrs30 - 2hrs40.<br /><br />2nd Lap - Sub 4 hours.<br /><br />Lets hope the weather plays along.<br /><br />Mentally ready. 3000kms of training, so the legs should be ready too.
[quote author=Lab_Rat link=board=15;threadid=2627;start=0#22452 date=1037019238]<br />1st Lap - 2hrs30 - 2hrs40.<br /><br />2nd Lap - Sub 4 hours.<br /><br />Lets hope the weather plays along.<br /><br />Mentally ready. 3000kms of training, so the legs should be ready too.<br />[/quote]<br /><br /><br />What group you starting in Lab? Our times are pretty similar so we should be near each other.<br /><br />A second lap? Count me out - after racing is nap time!
<br />B group - started A in 2000 but my 2 years abroad seriously impacted on my seeding and apparently I'm useless now &gt;:(<br /><br />I'll see you next year in the vets - the rest of the team changed to vets racing in 2001 but I only top 30 next year. It's gonna be good!
I'm only 29 so I'll be the youngest guy in the Vets. We're doing the second lap for the Reach for a Dream foundation, that's why the re-seed. All the other guys are VA.
<br />If you see 5 guys in Red/White Linden Team clothing tell them to watch their backs - the lighty in the team is closing fast :D.<br /><br />Have a good ride - the vets should provide a nice fast bunch. Don't know what shape you'll be in for the second lap though - some of those vets are tougher than hardened nails! It's amazing what 15 years of racing does to a pair of legs....
That was exactly what I was thinking. <br /><br />I nearly had to change my shorts when I was told. . . :eek:<br /><br />At least I should get a good time.
Guess I'm as ready as I'm likely to be! Physically I have put in the kilometers, about 200-250 a week over past 3 months. I pulled a tendon in my right thigh the week before the Amashova. Tried to be a smartass and jumped a truck going up Krugersdorp hill! ::) Hurts after about 50km but it still works OK. Should have rested it but what can you do at this time? ??? Mentally I'm OK, I know I can do this route. I'll be happy with 4hrs. Beyers Naude will be OK, (the potholes I mentioned have been fixed). Yeah, the N14 will be hard. I live in the area and the prevailing wind direction will be against us. I'll just look for a big guy to sit behind! ;D
Ok, well you all sound really well prepared. I'm beginning to get nervous thinking about it now. My first season of racing so this is the first big one (Tour De Gold and Amashovashova so far). I haven't put in nearly enough time, too much partying etc, but I guess I have a few years to get to your levels (and if I can stick to a guy like Old Timer when I'm 60 let alone 73 I'll be happy). But hoping for 3h30, perhaps 3h20. Got no group to work with (still get to start with plebs) so if there is wind I am toast. I don't have enough distance work in my legs though so I'm hoping that some goo etc should get me through the last 20 km's (got me through Amashova and T de Gold).
I have done the best that I can. Tried to do everything right and in the main I think I did well enough I have tried to balance that point between over and under training. My races so far have been better than I expected, however, there are times that I feel like the Natal sharks - I just don't do well enough on the big days (sorry I couldn't resist that). <br />I start in the D group, and If I don't get stupid and try to stay with the guys upfront, I will be able to keep with the main group to the end. The problem is there are times that I have an exaggerated opinion of my ability.<br />Anyway let the day speak for itself.

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