Who is the Greatest Cyclist of all time?



I'd like to know who we all think is the best ever. I know some of you are new to cycling but this is your chance to find out more about the history of the sport.

You may not recognise some names but after reading the article where I got this idea from there is no doubt in my mind that these are the best cyclists ever even though it's a purely subjective list.

I've included Lance Armstrong who is probably the current best rider today but it's difficult to judge his career before he's finished. Still some of you may admire his achievements through sickness and adversity enough to nominate him.

Try to remember that this is not voting on your favourite rider but who you think was/is the best. ;)

Pleasevote and postyour selection and feel free to add comments. Thanks.

These great riders are listed in no particular order:
[opt] Bernard Hinault [/opt]
[opt] Fausto Coppi [/opt]
[opt] Jacques Anquetil [/opt]
[opt] Alfredo Binda [/opt]
[opt] Eddy Merckx [/opt]
[opt] Gino Bartali [/opt]
[opt] Felice Gimondi [/opt]
[opt] Miguel Indurain [/opt]
[opt] Louison Bobet [/opt]
[opt] Checco Moser [/opt]
[opt] Rik Van Looy [/opt]
[opt] Sean Kelly [/opt]
[opt] Lance Armstrong [/opt]
[opt] Other... [/opt]
Sorry Sean,
Typical SA male, I just dive right in without reading instructions :-[

I have to go with "The Cannibal" his list of career wins is very impressive and his attitude towards cycling both during his heyday and presently is something to be admired. I'm also a supporter of his son Axel although he doesn't ride anything like his father did.
Couldn't agree with you more Acid.

I'll post some interesting facts and figures later when more posters have voted.
I voted for Merckx because he was the most aggresive rider, well....at least from what I've read. He attacked like a madman, hence his name....the Cannibal.

Also, he not only won the TdF, but teh Giro too! Not to mention, he tool the MAglia Rosa, KoM, and Sprinters jersey all in one grand tour! Can Lance do that? Maybe, but most proabably not.

Any of you seen Merckx nowadays? He is one big mutha! I guess his great achievments more than make up for his lifestyle now.

Viva Merckx!
I am astounded that Hubert Opperman isn't on your list.

Won Paris-Brest-Paris, Bol d'Or.
Held 24 hr world record (787 km!) for many years.
Broke Land's End to John O'Groats record.
My choice would be M Indurain, and my choice is based on the level of cycling and quality riders in his era. EM did win the TDF 5 times, but not in a row like Indurain. I also think that in Mercx era, the compitition and quality of cyclist was limited to a few hundred and because of that the press was really impressed on what he was doing and achieving. Dont misunderstand, Mercx was one off the all time greats but not the Greatest. With all the technology and advanced training methods after that, Indurain had to step up on his performance, overcome all of this new challanges and still win the TDF 5 Times in a row. Remember, the TDF is the ultimite in world cycling. I'm not sure if there was world champs at that time and how he fare in the other big races, like Tour de Spain, Italy etc.
Fausto Coppi, known as Il Campionissimo (The Champion of the Champions). What if WW2 hadn't stopped him? He would've won a lot more...
IMO Hubert Opperman isnt even the best Australian cyclist, i'd put Phill Anderson before him ;D

Races like the 'Paris-Brest-Paris' arnt in the same leauge as the Tour de france or Giro etc.. Is the 'Paris-Brest-Paris' even a race?

Oppy did finish 12th in 1931 (1932?)Tour de France, he did break something like 58 long distance records over the years.

My vote is for Merckx
well the FASTEST is Boardman. he holds the records for the fastes hour performance (on a modern bike) and also on a old steel bike he just piped Merx's record too.

And the Around Austrailia records is 42 days i think by Perry Stone (he now wants to do it in 32 days. yeshhh)
Greatest Overall is Eddy.

The others are also Great.

Just not As Great.

And I will add Grahame Obree, poor sod, since I've seen the bike he built from miscellaneous washing machine bits...

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