Who makes the most upright bikes/frames in full carbon?


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Apr 23, 2007
I've been shopping road bikes for a week now, but I've felt like I'm dwarfing the 58's that they say fit me. Basically, I feel a bit stretched out on most of them, but at the same time, they feel very short and low to the ground. UNTIL TODAY, when I rode a 58 Pinarello Galileo. Some bullet points:

-06 Felt F4 feels flat/low
-07 Lemond Versaille feels flat/low
-Scott CR1 Team feels flat/low
-Pinarello seems more upright, and taller (I like this)
-I'm 6'3", and 235lbs, with a 31 inch inseam. (Basically, I'm all torso.) So is that why a lower riding bike feels so small below me?

Also, I really wanted to ride full carbon. The Pinarello seemed like a great bike, but might I get uncomfortable on a 3 hour ride cause it's mostly aluminum? Doubt I'll ever do any kind of riding that takes more than 3 hours.

So who makes the upright/tall bikes with full carbon?


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Nov 20, 2004
It sounds like you need a 61cm Lemond? It offers longer top tube and the best seat angle geometry for tall riders. Upon searching myself its tough to find 72 seat angle bikes in the larger size...most are 72.5 or 73 seat angle. If you have the classic riding positing after your fore/aft seat adjustment is made for the correct pedal position, then you work on the correct lenght when your on the drops of the bars...to get that flat back and the correct "L" shape on your arms...then see if your front center (BB to Ft. Axle) is plumb with the front of your hands on the drops of the bar..if so measure that front center for future purchases Hope this helps, let me know..


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Dec 7, 2006
Have you considered a Giant OCR Carbon?. OCRs have a more "uprigth" riding position and are 100% carbon. Also the compact geometry can help you with the long torso.



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Aug 31, 2003
NewGuyATL said:
-I'm 6'3", and 235lbs, with a 31 inch inseam. (Basically, I'm all torso.) So is that why a lower riding bike feels so small below me?
From your height and leg length, a 58 cm bike with a longish top tube (58-58.5 cm) would be appropriate for a traditional position. The Trek Madone, Giant TCR, and most LeMond models fit this description. I think you like the Pinarello because its shorter top tube lets you keep a more upright position. The Trek Pilot and Giant OCR models, among many others, also have a shorter top tube for facilitating an upright position. You can also simply flip the handlebar stem, or use a shorter stem.