Who posted this?

I've come across some weird and hilarious ads on Craigslist and elsewhere. This is quite funny though. And yeah, it could be posted by someone from these forums lol
That has to be one of the most extensive Craigslist ads selling a bike I've ever read. The part about techniques of hopping off it for short women made me chuckle. Then all those random quotes at the end were a trip. I wonder if he was able to sell the bicycle.
Haha good one. Weirdly comprehensive ad, seems the guy that wrote, did it wth the utmost fascination for bikes's adjustment.
Wow, someone is a bit experienced at selling on Craig's List, apparently, and has decided to leave nothing to chance. This would be a difficult ad to read if you're the impatient type, but those of us with a curiosity toward the bizarre probably read all the way to the end just to see when and where it quits. I'm not sure if I would want to buy from this person, as my money would probably be held up to the light, examined in great detail, caressed meaningfully for texture discrepancies, and probably marked up with one of those special money markers to make sure I'm not dealing in Monopoly money.
I really loved the design of cycle. The yellow color of the bike (in the first picture) really fits in the design for he cycle. The side view is really amazing.
So if I go there to buy the bike, I'm not allowed to ask any questions about it because it's all been covered and if I do he will do the Seinfeld soup thing...NO SOUP FOR YOU, or in this case: NO BICYCLE FOR YOU!