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  1. Jerry Rhodes

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    I just got issue #73 of RCN and look forward to many blissful hours of reading and rereading,
    rereading, rereading............

    I have read the rear cover of many of these and I never fail to marvel at the super human feats of
    the legendary Doug Pendery. Many is the time that I have struggled up a 1.5 mile climb and drawn
    inspiration and hope from what Doug had written. The only significant difference between us; instead
    of "holding between 13 and 17 mph for most of the climb" I was hoping and wishing for a 13 or 17
    inch gear.

    Does anyone know Doug? Is he Pecos Bill or Walter Mitty or my CAT II brother-in-law writing under a
    nom de plume??????

    Inquiring minds want to know......

    Jerry Rhodes

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.