Who would like to punch vino?


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Dec 31, 2006
ok i was wondering, who would like to punch vino if they had the chance.

my answer: Yes.

Whilst this sounds rather barbaric sometimes people need a wake up! my bias:normally i couldnt care less for pro-riders and concern myself with bikes and tech, im sponsored by a very small team and can ride fair enough further i am(was) a massise vino fan. This man was a symbol of hope for a sport, a way forward - both politcally and in a seemingly pointless battle against doping. Further he displayed all the qaulities i believe a cyclist should hope to emulate. He had no need to dope as he was a symbol, and an icon of the sport and despite the fact he was down on time everyone still supported him because of this. It has greatly saddened me this has happened, far more so then any other doping case since Tom simpsons death some 40yrs ago (at the time my father will still having his nappies changed hehehehe so ive done some reading...)
Klodifan said:
id like to see klodi muster some fire in his belly and kick his kazack ass :D
For what? Getting caught while Klodi the doper evaded detection. Klodi is too much of a wimp to kick anyones ass.
I would like to shake his hand, get rid of all raicing and all sponosrs and start over, teach them all. Maybe he can take down racing once and for all.

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