Who's the best Sprinter?? from Pro's to Amateur racing

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    Well this is a good topic I will say.

    Some may say that the "Lion" Mr. Cippo is the all time best. But then again Mr. Petachi showed up after Zabel. hmmm. How about McEwen?

    We have seen our fair share of Sprinters in our travels around the world. We have been to South Africa to one of the biggest races in the World and we have seen so many sprinters there it is hard to count them. The Pro Sprinters get their 15 minutes of fame early but others, like the amateur sprinters go unnoticed. There are many many excellent sprinters in the world. In Europe, almost every team roster includes a sprinter who can beat the best well known sprinters, but they just never get the chance. Kids in their early 20's are sprinting at 64-74 kph there. Some of these guys never make to the top but they shine at their local events. If they only had the support or the vision to move further... But again we love the show the Pros offer.

    Archibald travels a lot to the southeast of the USA and he is always talking about the impressive top speeds of the young sprinters there. We are telling you it is wicked fast. In the southeast State of Florida near Georgia for example, where he goes when he wants to get a good "sun tan" that makes him look like a mill worker. Anyway, he has taken some of the best pictures he has ever taken there. He has digitally recorded video of amateurs races, yes amateurs sprinting at 65 kph, wasting their time in the USA riding for small, friends and family teams with no support. We should mention that one of his best pictures was one of a rider who at that time was riding for one of those teams, we think it was a team called Olympus Camera in America. We liked his picture so much that we posted it on the opening Home Page for our small newspaper website in Scotland and it stayed there for a while. We later found out his name, Melvyn Lugo, many blessings to him where ever he is, one of the best tactical sprinters we saw, not wicked fast nor a Pro but we are sure he was up there with the best. We have seen many like that. Another rider was Roberto Valdes from the State of Texas who also used to ride for a small local club I think was called Chevron. Another strong amateur we video recorded about three years ago and we never heard anything about him again.

    So you see, there many Good Sprinters out there, amateurs and Pros. It is that, we have our picks, the cycling media supports others and then we choose and enjoy the performance of the ones we like.

    So who is your best sprinter??? Pro or Amateur???