Why am i not losing weight?


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Jan 8, 2022
Hello, first time caller and looking for some sage advice and direction. Have been riding a standard stationary bike for six weeks now. For the last four weeks I have been riding 35-40 ks in 85-90 minutes every day and I'm not losing weight. Lost a couple of ks when I first started but am stuck at around 82-84. I'm an ex sport billy type. Recently knocked up my maiden half century and looking at buying my first road bike and doing some real riding. My start weight was 88 ks and my ideal weight for my age and height should be 76-78. Don't drink anymore except for a couple of whiskys in the evening and don't have any underlying medical conditions. Have good muscle mass but my gut and man Boobs just won't go away. Have always had a hell of a metabolism and tend to graze pretty constantly for 16 hours per day. Any suggestions? And any 'cheap' bikes for sale?
If you're not losing weight, it's because you are eating and drinking too many calories.

Be honest with yourself and look at your diet, including your liquid diet.