Why do we want to grow the economy?

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    Proponents of illegal immigration often say it will grow the economy.

    Consider, though. What if the number of workers, companies, imports, exports, goods and services being bought domestically, etc. doubled overnight by magic?

    Wouldn't everybody still make the same wage, assuming customers could be found for all the extra exports?

    The economy would be TWICE AS LARGE but...

    PROSPERITY would be about the same.

    Or.... what if the number of workmen in the US doubled in a year, and everybody made on average 51% of what they had made before the doubling, and spent all of it on goods and services? That would be a slightly larger economy, but with about half the prosperity.

    So, why do we want to see the economy grow? It's a concern for the super-rich who own a lot of stock in companies.

    It's also a way companies can cut their labor cost and make it sound good.