Why does my front derailleur rub and how can I fix it?


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May 18, 2003
Why, oh why, does my front derailleur insist on rubbing against my chain with the tenacity of a toddler after an ice cream cone? Its enough to drive a cyclist to the brink of madness! Ive tried everything from adjusting the limit screws to performing a rain dance under the light of a full moon, but alas, the problem persists.

So, fellow bike enthusiasts, I beseech thee - how does one banish this infernal rubbing noise from their life and pedal in peace once more? Is there a secret incantation Ive yet to discover? Or perhaps a hidden adjustment that only the most enlightened of cyclists know about?

Ive had my fair share of mechanical mishaps during my audax events and long-distance tours, but this front derailleur fiasco has me stumped. Ive always been partial to rigid bikes and flat handlebars, but it seems my trusty steed has turned against me in this most unexpected of ways.

As I sit here, chainring marks etched onto my soul, I implore you to share your wisdom and experience. Have you too faced the front derailleur from hell? How did you vanquish it and reclaim your two-wheeled zen?

Let us band together and conquer this nuisance, so that we may once again enjoy the simple pleasure of a quiet, rub-free ride. Your insights and suggestions are most welcome, and I eagerly await your responses.

Happy cycling!

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