Why does RST not listen to its members ?




The way to get rid of ecce is simple.

Imagine that you are at the start line of an open water race.

You have a friend racing.

Every person racing is wearing the same coloured yellow swim cap.

At the START of the race, you can see your friend perfectly, despite the fact that there are 400
other people dressed in the same coloured wetsuits and the same coloured swim caps.

You watch him/her enter the water at the hooter goes.

After 10 mins or so I bet you would have real difficulty in spotting your friend. All you would be
able to see is a mass of yellow hats - trying to pick out 1 individual from group of 400 - all of
which look almost identical - would prove too difficult.

Perhaps the same principle should apply on this forum.

If you don't get the significance of the above splurge - you don't deserve to have a computer.

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