Why go deep/shallow, when you can go ergo?



I noticed that a lot of the pros use regular bend handlebars (deep or shallow). I've treid these bars and they were very uncomfy. The ergo bend bars were more comfortable and fit snugly in the palm of my hand. Why do a lot of cyclists still prefer standrad bend bars? Are there any of you here who don't use ergonomic bars? Why?
excuse my ignorace but what are ego handlebars? put up a picy
I don't know how to post a pic, but you can go to www.3ttt.com/english/curve/racing_team_service/forma_sl_ergopower.htm

Ergo bars do not have a curved bend, but sort of......kinda hard to describe..just check out the picture in the website.
I think you will find the 'pros' ride with what they get given.
You'll notice riders riding for the same team all ride the same type of bike, use the same shoes, wear the same brand of glasses, even wear the same type of gloves.

Festina used to call it systematic equipment distribution ;D
I don't think it's a case of using what they are given. For example, USPS use Deda Elementi bars. Deda makes both ergo and regular bend bars. Hence, the USPS riders have a choice. Lance uses a regualar bend bar, while George uses an ergo bend Newton. Same thing with Telekom, they use TTT bars, some use ergo, but I think most use regular bend bars. So it's all a matter of personal choice for the pros when it comes to the type of bar they want to use.
i was refering to brands, but you have answered your own questions

Not really, my question was what makes pros prefer to use regular bend bars over ergo? I was wondering if you guys used regular bend, and wanted to know what you thought of it.
I've got large hands so prefer the ergo bars but I know lots of riders who find that the hands fit tighter fit sprinting in regular bars. I see that most track riders have regular bars.