Why i love donald j. trump

I don't like him. He knows nothing about his country's foreign relations. He only thinks that Islam is the only issue to be addressed in America. He seems not to be having any idea about security since he has never outlined his plans in depth. He always preaches hatred among Americans. I wish that he never wins since he can divide Americans across political lines.

He's not talking about Islam and illegal immigration only. For example, he's opposed to free trade agreements. Don't forget, he's a businessman in the first place. His standards are very high. I'm sure, he knows a lot and is able to rule a country.
My two cents worth.

As with many countries the populations of those countries may have concluded that established politics - and established politicians - have failed them.
Therefore whether you agree or not with the statement that politics/politicians have failed is immaterial. Large swathes of people believe that the system has failed them and their country.

In that context an "outsider" like Trump is bound to be seen as a viable alternative.

I think people are going to vote for who is perceived to be the lesser of two evils.
It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Trump wins.