Why is the battery on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop not charging

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by fujitsulaptop, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Nov 28, 2013
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    I replaced my battery at Christmas when it got down to only 30 minutes of battery life after about a year (another problem!) and it worked fine until about 2 months ago (only about 6 months life!) when it stopped recognising the charger. Since then, I've had to unplug the charger, put it back in and fiddle around with it to get it to connect to the motherboard. However, now, after achieving this (it saying Charging), the charge percentage doesn't rise?! Nor does the battery say anything. Can anyone help?
    My laptop Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery is not charging. in Bios set up it says that ac adapter drivers are not installed. I tried to update my bios set up. but it can't be done because battery must be charged over 10%. if someone can please help me.

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    Its simple...

    The secret ROM on your BIOS is programed to destroy all the components of the laptop after the warranty expires.

    Some manufacturers are not even covering the batteries with warranties anymore. They make sure everything works fine for the first few months so you will write positive reviews to the forums and then your product will need some non warranty covered "servicing": [​IMG]


    Basically if you unplug your charger, remove and replace the battery and dust the connectors it should be fine.
    If not:
    1. The battery is dead (you might need a new one)

    2. The battery might be too decharged, maybe you might need to leave it to charge overnight.

    3. The battery might be so discharged that wont charge unless you "jump start" it with a higher voltage charger. A technician can help with that. They place two connectors on the battery and charge it for a while with a high voltage current. Then after the battery gets some charge it will probably charge from the charger.

    Good luck... [​IMG]