Why Is the Supply of Idiot Mountain Bikers ENDLESS?

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.soc' started by Mike Vandeman, Jun 11, 2004.

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    Ahh, Interesting site.

    Your the biggest tosser i've ever met in my life.

    Ironic non? Your using the internet and more than likely a non-renewable power
    source to power your computer.

    Are you the sort of man/boy that chains yourself to trees thinking your presence
    is valid? Your a nothing, Nobody appreciates you or your site.

    Fuck the enviroment, you wonder why nobody gives a shit about it? Because
    they've got to face tossers like you.

    I'm glad your "family have been threatened" by your views on mountain biking,
    your an imbeceil who needs to either step down from position of Cheif internet
    tosser or stop protesting about bloody mircoorganisms in the mud being
    "horificaly tortured" by the "deep treads of mountain bike tyres"

    Fuck off you nonce. You are, and always be a nothing.


    I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to
    humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8
    years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)