Why Is the Supply of Idiot Mountain Bikers ENDLESS?

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.soc' started by Mike Vandeman, Oct 9, 2004.

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    Why ride a bike, when you can walk? Only because you can get to your destination
    a lot faster and with a lot less energy. In spite of their muscular, "hard-body"
    appearance, mountain bikers are lazy!"

    I took this directly from one or your articles, after I ceased my hysterical
    fits of laughter. I am a mountain biker, yes, but do not discredit me on that
    account. Mountain bikers are far from lazy. I have what you most endearingly
    call a "hard-body" appearance, and for good reason. My body appears this way
    because I spend three to four hours a day on my bike, mostly on the road (better
    for training, something I am willing to bet you have never done) but much of it
    is spent on my mountain bike too. My body has reacted to the difficult tasks I
    put upon it, and responded by increasing muscle size and definition. You walkers
    just never seem to be able to match us lazy bikers in fitness, muscle tone,
    muscle definition, or strength, do you? This seems somewhat ironic.

    "Bad Role Modelling

    Mountain biking also provides very bad role modeling for our children. Whether
    or not a bike is ever ridden off-road, any child looking at one will get the
    impression that it is used to tear up wildlife habitat, and that this is okay."

    I assume you would rather have our children out of the streets dealing drugs?
    Biking is a healthy, fun, and gratifying sport for kids to do. Where you get the
    idea that kids will look at bikes and immediately think "ah! a bike! i feel a
    sudden urge to destroy nature!" I have no idea. But hey, thats just me.

    "Mountain Biking as an Image Enhancer

    Another psychological factor, of course, is the image boost that the sport and
    its accoutrements give to rebellious young people, just as racing bikes did for
    an earlier generation (hardly any of whom actually raced!). The knobby tires and
    "hardened" frames clearly say "I'm tough. Don't cross me!" The names attached to
    the bikes and tires ("Velociraptor", "Omega-Bite", "Incisor") reinforce that
    image, as do the photos in mountain bike magazines of bikers flying through the
    air (getting "big air"). These bikes are clearly intended to indicate that they
    will help you "conquer nature" (while, ironically, actually insuring that you
    will have even less contact with that nature, due to their speed, lack of
    contact with the ground, and suspension systems!)."

    You just wish you could get air. Its like flying, a wonderful experience, but
    one, alas, which requires slightly more athletic skill than walking. Yes we have
    interesting names for biking products, but thats consumerism and advertising,
    and is not unique to cycling.

    As for your accusation that we lie all the time, well right back at you, Mr.
    Vandeman. You, sir, are the liar and propagandist here.

    Please, sir, reply to this email, so I may squash any further arguments you put
    forth. And after you do, please kindly re-enter the 21'st century, where we have
    cars and bikes and you CAN'T make a difference.
    I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to
    humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8
    years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)