Why Is the Supply of Idiot Mountain Bikers ENDLESS?

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Mike Vandeman, Oct 9, 2004.

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    You are either misinformed, or just ignorant on your thoughts about
    mountain biking. You said mountain bikers erode the trials like
    crazy? Isn't it odd that they did a study and found out that hiking
    does about the same damage as biking does! And riding horses, thats
    just crap if you don't that they do more erosion due to the great
    hooves, and the enormous weight. You also called mountain bikers
    "lazy" do you know hard it is to ride a 40 plus pound bike up a steep
    incline, obviously you don't otherwise you wouldn't be saying lies
    like that. You say that biking is an overall bad thing, it sure beats
    being a stoner and having goals in life. Did you ever even think of
    the passions mountain bikers have, the goals, the dreams? You just
    think we are destructive robots who hate everyone. And what you said
    about us being "addicted", you make it sound like a bad thing. Not
    only does it keep you in shape, its keeps kids from turning up in the
    street going know wear in life. So what would you rather us do, buy
    weapons and join gangs? You also said when we do "jumps" its just to
    show off, what are you thinking. Maby because it is fun, and gives
    you a NATURAL high! Please email me back, I'm curious to see what you
    think about my letter.

    your pal will.
    I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to
    humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8
    years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)