Why No Access to Bike Cafe?

RedHotIron said:
Anyone? Special dues?
From the groups memberhsip list in the User CP:
Usenet Membership.
If you wish to post to usenet sections of the forum you need to join this group. Users who use free email addresses (yahoo etc.) or have an email address which doesn't match their ISP will not be able to join. Approvals take upto 24hrs

a lot of those USENET dudes like to fantasize that their "chatroom" is way more sophisticated, pure and highbrow than a lowly forum :) , so they don't want any old scallywags joining
That's it, unless you can trace your lineage back to the first kings of England you have no hope of gaining access. ;)

Seriously, you might try sending the administrator (Steve) a pm.
You must embark on a quest to prove your worthiness, then and only then will his location be revealed to you.

Steve is actually his username, so you just type that into the recipient field of the PM.

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