Why only 2 weeks after rigor mortis?

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by George, Nov 9, 2003.

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    My father passed away after a cardiac failure in a foreign country. The
    hospital has an interesting policy: while they are willing to hold the body
    in the "frost room" until I arrive for the funeral, I will be able to see
    my father face to face only for 14 days after the death. (Unfortunately, it
    takes 3 weeks to get a visa for that country. Yes, I explained the
    situation to the embassy. They don't care.) Effective from the 15th day,
    only a closed coffin awaits me upon arrival.

    The Question: Is there any medical logic to the above two week show limit?
    Would any doctors here care to comment, what is it? I know already there is
    no logic to the decision of the embassy, now I am only trying to see if
    there's any to the decision of the hospital.

    (Sorry if the post stretches to the edge of the group's topic, I didn't
    find any more appropriate ng's.)

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