Why People Hate Cyclists/bikers

Here in South Africa, cyclists get absolutely no respect even though cycling is a popular pastime. Motorists are by default arrogant, obnoxious and the very first to break road rules. Combine that with high alcohol levels and it's a miracle that most of us cyclists can find the confidence to get ourselves on South African roads. Nor are there any designated bicycle lanes in most towns or cities to help keep us out of harm's way. :angry:
It can go both ways. Motorist think that they are kings and some cyclist have the same attitude. If everyone respected each others space and just followed the laws of the road, there isn't much anyone can say. I think it becomes a problem when one is oblivious to anyone else on the road, and tends to think that they are the only ones in existence is when it becomes dangerous.
Motorists are arrogant and bikers are indifferent, so how do you break the logjam? Roads are public property and everyone is entitled to use the roads albeit with some rules. Everyone should have lane discipline and motorists should not look down on cyclists and bikers must give way to motorists. A little common sense will make the roads more user-friendly.
What do you mean by "give way?" I'm not sure that's necessarily a good idea because that could put cyclists in harms way. People just need to realize that having to slow down for a cyclist or having to stop at a stop sign on a bike aren't the end of the world. They're minor inconveniences that are gonna had, at most, a few minutes to your trip. Unless you have a siren on top of your vehicle, you probably don't need to worry about those extra minutes. I wish road rage wasn't a thing. People just need to chill. It would make the roads a lot better place.
I think there is nothing more to it than common sense really. Do you feel like you are making a driver/cyclist mad? Give way as soon as it's safe. Sure there are a lot of dickheads but just don't go wasting your energies on them, the less you care the better off you'll be.
I don't think people hate cyclists/bikers as such. I think people hate people who are a threat to their lives. Whether they are drivers, bikers or even pedestrians. Drive safe!
It would help if everyone (*including drivers who don't bike) knew and respected the road rules for bicycles. Then any "road rage" etc felt could be directed to people who flought those rules whether pedestrian, bicyclist or vehicle driver.

In my neighborhood pretty much regardless of what I do I have people screaming at me that I should do something else. Most of the time my options are only: occupy a lane, ride in the verge, or ride on the sidewalk. I get **** from people regardless of which one I choose.

I'm like: for Gods sake just agree on where cyclists are meant to be, I will go there, and we can all chill the heck out, okay?
There's a lot of problems in my city with drivers not giving any respect for people on bikes, even in the separate biking lanes. It is both annoying and makes cycling unsafe a lot of the time. I think that some of it might come from the idea that being in a car makes them superior to people who are commuting by walking or other methods; they own the road in their vehicles, so anyone they see as in their way is an object of hatred. A lot of bikers really can't match the speed of a regular vehicle either, so if someone is driving in the same lane as a biker they could feel angry that the one on the bike is holding them back from going the speed they want to go. Which in my opinion would be easily solved by having safer, more separate biking lanes, but I guess in the end it isn't a problem that will ever be fully solved. :mellow:
I think the main factor why drivers hate riders is the rider's penchant of scratching car sides. Most of those rider haters are car drivers who have experienced scratches and dents caused by reckless riders. I am also a car driver and I should understand riders but no, I cannot understand them when they hit my car and leave a line on the car's door. That is a nasty line that only repainting can cure. Now, that's reason enough to hate riders.
Was cycling home on a bike path. There are several stop signs on the BIKEPATH when coming to an intersection. Maybe 8 on a 30 mile stretch. So, I slowed from 15-18 to 3-4 as I approached. It was clear both directions so I simply did an Idaho stop.

Some guy in a car on the street running parallel blows his horn and as I look over he gestures wildly at the stop sign I'd just rolled through and flipped me off. So, I flipped HIM off. THAT'S why people hate cyclists. lol

We're an iconoclastic bunch who operate against the grain of society. Was I wrong for doing a Idaho stop? No doubt. Had I been on the street in amongst regular traffic I'd have done a trackstand for one count and THEN rolled.

That being said I've had bottles, lit cigarettes, tampons, cans, paperclips and a hundred other items thrown at me over the years. Nevermind the THOUSANDS of insults shouted through both open and closed windows.

Why do people hate cyclists? For a variety of reasons. Some of them valid. Most of them not. But, just know pissing someone off for slowing them for 15 seconds is gonna happen. Comes with the lifestyle. One either deals or stays on the sidewalk.
It's worse in countries like the USA, Australia and England than most of Europe or Asia. Entitlement and aggression on the roads in these countires is accepted, people don't like the thought of being slowed down. They'll happiely sit in traffic for an hour driving 8km to work or queue up at red traffic lights. The moment many of them see a cyclist, they lose their ****.
Hey there! ‍♂️ MTB Baz here! Gotta say, I've encountered my fair share of road rage while shredin' the trails too. It's frustrating when people can't appreciate the freedom and adrenaline rush of biking, right? But hey, let's not generalize, my friend. There are plenty of awesome road cyclists out there who respect us mountain bikers. We're all part of the cycling fam. So, let's keep spreading the love for biking, exploring new trails, and encouraging everyone to enjoy the outdoors in their own way. Cheers!