Why Rising Gas Prices is a Good Thing

Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by insung, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Apr 19, 2004
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    While you have some noble sentiments it should always be remembered that it is the rise in crude oil price which underlies the rise in gas price. Our agriculture is based on petrochemical fueled mechanization, as is the distribution system of food. Higher oil prices translate to higher food prices.

    Individuals who live in states with severe winters also feel the sting of higher heating oil prices.

    Why not ask someone from the inner city of Chicago who is living on the threshold of poverty how he or she feels about this? Then again maybe they'll eat less and since overweight is an epidemic problem....Maybe they'll realize that their heating bills will only get worse over time, and relocate to a place with less severe winters, and join you in Southern California and live happily ever after.

    As to bike lanes, my own city of Tucson has a very extensive network of bike lanes, to my great approval as a cyclist. In the university area they are major transportation alternative to relatively near living, young, fit students. Overall however they have done little to alleviate our growing traffic problems.

    One has only to imagine the mass morning commute from Oxnard to downtown L.A. on cycles. The mind boggles!