why soo long but then so short?

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  1. Thinuniking

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    It has taken me since around november until about 2 weeks
    ago to learn to crank grab (seat in) mainly because of lack
    of ride time due to massive work load + loads of rain:mad: .
    Today i managed a crank grab seat out with in 5-6 atempts
    has anyone esle had this?

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  2. Muniracer

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    i always do it seat out because i can go to rubber on
    anything that i would be able to crank grab seat in. for me
    it was just getting the guts to try it seat out. but once i
    really tried i got it no problem. the only time i have
    missed since the first time i did it was yesterday at
    motorama when crank grabbing on a concrete traffic barrier
    that was 3 feet high and about 4 inches wide. it resulted in
    a spectacular fall.

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