Why the variation in Aust bike part prices? Best shop LBS or internet?


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Nov 16, 2003
Where is the best Sydney bike shop for road bike stuff?

There is large variation in prices for exactly the same components

For example Ksyrium SLs wheelest
- AU $2000 Clarence St Cycles (ouch!)
- AU $1500 just about anywhere else in Australia
- AU $1000 from the UK
One thing is for sure... Don't go to Clarence St Cycles. Can't answer your question about bike shops in Sydney as I'm in Perth, but when I was over there having a browse, I walked into said shop, had a look at a price tag, and walked straight out.

Whilst getting it mail order may save you some money, you also have to consider postage, deal with customs, and good luck with warranty issues if something does go wrong!

Get 'em from the other shops which have them for $1500 is what I'd do.
Its all about being isolated and dealer policy to explain the difference between australia and european prices. Some manufacturerses lock the south african market off from the rest off the world to increase wholsale profit.

An example

For my thesis I took a rondom sample of some bicycle shops and studied prices for complete groupsets.

Studied 2 isolated or semi isolated markets South-africa and australia

For campagnolo australia was approximately 25% more expensive then Europe where South africa was 44% more expensive

For shimano both countries where approximately 65% more expensive

Explanation for Shimano Shimano Australia locked Australia off from the rest off the world in great extend.

Other big companies will be able to do the same

My my number where calculated on a small size sample. They also defer from groupset(differences for mirage are not the same as for record).
But I believe the give a fair approximate view off the price differences.
dougal said:
thanks guys guess i will shop around and not at Clarence Street Cycles
My advice is to get the best Australian price on the product you are interested in on the net,then head to your LBS asking them to match the price and most of the time they can do it.Then you can support your LBS and get the product in the best price you can get at the same time.