WHYTOOLE closing website check the BikeE's for sale



Hello all:
Its been a nice 6-7 year run for me to serve the BikeE owners, but I think
now is the time to move on to other things. Early next year (or sooner) I will
be closing down my WHYTOOLE web page. All of the remaining stock Will be
sold. This includes all of the BikeE's listed for sale on my site. Each bike is
priced at $425 not including shipping. One 93 (one of the first 100 produced by
BikeE) One early 94 purchased from People Movers in Calif. And 2, 2002 1/2 CTs,
one red (have an extra NEW frame for $50 for who ever purchases the Red CT)
and one black CT. Refund will be sent after the UPS shipping is subtracted.
Shipping (from where I work) around $25 - $35.
I have around 4000 of the seat sliders left. Some with the 1" key rings,
about 500. I have nearly 500 self sealing bubble mailers and small plastic
zip-lock bags also included. A great profit item. Contact me from my website
(serious inquiries only please) if interested in all of the Delrin seat
sliders, envelopes and plastic bags. Parts and package shipping not included in
price quoted.
I am expecting a rush of customers purchasing items, so please bear with me.
I may run out of items and be a little slow getting the items ordered sent out.
All item orders than can't be filled will get a total refund.
Thank you! And a Merry Christmas to all of you.

Bye for now
Tool trays for inside the BikeE frame.
top load risers,
Low back seat risers,
Delrin Seat Sliders,
Accessory brackets,