Wide Tubular MTB Carbon Rims


Sep 27, 2013
Hi am new member to this forum.

Hope this is the right place that I post this.

Wondering is there anyone use tubular mtb rims?
Any good to run tubular mtb rim?
My big 29er wheels have being heavy, slow, sloppy, and bent all the time, so I am considering to switch to a lighter carbon mtb tubulars.

Old sports let me know your ideas.
Thank you.
I'm a fan of heavier bikes, and Ill explain why: many people neglect their legs in today's long pants culture, and it is a shame that bike companies are supporting such terrible physique standards by selling light frames. Like Ronnie Coleman once said "errbody wants to have big legs but aint nobody want to cycle on some heavy ass bikes". Cheers, Wheeler4k.

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